Reusable garland clamp

Do you have something to celebrate? With the Clenchy garland clamp you easily hang your garlands and decorations without the use of sticky tape, nails or thumbtacks. The vibrant garland clamps are simple to use to hang up paper and flower garlands, balloons, ribbons (with greeting cards), Christmas decorations and lights, advertising and more. Everything could be hanged up to 1,5 kilos.

The Clenchy garland clamp clasps effortless in every corner of  90°, between walls and ceilings. Not only it is easy to apply to the corners but it is also easy to detach it. Clenchy can be used on almost every surface for as long as it is not too slippery. You can use the garland clamp for as long as you like.

Clenchy is available in several colors, so they’ll match all your festivity themes.

The Clenchy garland clamp is very easy to use. Squeeze it, place it, done!

Don’t push the garland clamp into the wall or the ceiling by using force, just be gentle. The clamp holds itself easily. Don’t forget to squeeze the clamp again when you want to remove it from the wall or the ceiling.